We’re extremely proud to have worked with a leading Awarding Body to develop and launch the first of it’s 
kind, ofqual approved qualification, which purely focusses on the key areas and requirements for candidates attending selection and phase one training.

When we devised the programme, put simply, there wasn’t a qualification out there that prepares young people for joining the armed forces. Our aim was to create something that increases your success rate at the initial selection process, by setting appropriate expectations and instilling the values and behaviours that are necessary for life in the armed forces and providing a foundation of what is learnt at phase one training. 

If you’ve attended selection before but failed to get through, you’re not alone. Our course will not only help you reach the standards that are required at selection – but exceed them.

The course will also benefit you long after you leave us. We place a real focus on transferable skills and every unit and activity you will undertake is embedded with skills that will benefit you throughout your military career – and rest of your life.

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“Military Standard Training has helped me to gain confidence, discipline and improved my fitness dramatically. I joined starting from nothing and I am now during the application stage for the Royal Navy. MST has turned my life around and I recommend this course to anyone wanting to join the military, who wants an insight into military life or to improve themselves. The staff are fantastic and do a great job and if I could go back and do it all again I would.”

Daniel Ross