When you’re on tour, your kit can save your life. Learn how to operate in the field and get to grips with the essential bits of kit you’ll need – and the knowledge you need to use it to carry out your mission. We’ll teach you:

Contents of a bergen and cefo
Learn just how much kit and equipment you’ll need when you go on exercise or patrol – from staples including sleeping bags and extra clothing, to specialist equipment such as radios, mine sweepers and plastic explosives. We’ll show you how to keep it waterproof and the best way to pack your kit for operational effectiveness. 

Feeding in the field
We’ll give you the opportunity to sample some of the British Armies finest culinary delights! Learn what is in the 24 hour ration pack, how to cook it, (and eat it cold) and why it has over 4000 calories.

Map reading
You won’t have your iPhone to hand when you are out in the field – so we will ensure that you have a real grasp of map reading skills to help you along. 

Cam and concealment
For survival, you’ll need to learn what it is to blend in to your surroundings, to become invisible and to see without being seen. We’ll teach you the skills required to be able to locate and identify the enemy and observe their positions, gathering vital intelligence.

Basher construction
Shelters are essential to protect you from the elements and hide you from the enemy. Be it the latest MOD equipment – or what nature has to offer, you’ll have to be able to think on your feet and do whatever it takes to stay warm and dry.

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