Hannah Nelson is sixteen years old has been training with Evolve Military College at our Bury campus for the past 10 weeks. She moved to Bury from Tenerife to join the course at Evolve Military College, leaving her friends and family behind.

Why do you want to join the military? It’s something I’ve always been interested in and joining up became my dream – so much so that I made the move the UK to achieve it.

What do you want to do in the forces? I’d like a job that revolves around engineering, but I am not sure exactly what just yet. This is where Evolve Military College are so helpful – the staff mentor the students and help them to head in the right direction. The military like you to have some sort of idea which area you want to go in to, and I know that this guidance will really help my application. After all – they are investing £250k to train each soldier and so they want you to have done your research and show some level of commitment.

How have you found the course so far? It’s been fantastic – but intensive – particularly the fitness. But as a result, I quickly felt a difference in myself, becoming fitter and more focussed. It’s great to be prepared and Evolve has also helped us with our mental capabilities in this area – when the going gets tough, it’s often mind over matter!

Are there many girls on the course? There are quite a few of us – but to be truthful, gender really doesn’t come in to it. We all do the same training and we’re one big team. I think it’s a shame that so few girls join up – it’s an amazing career – and I think many just lack the confidence to do it.

What have been the best bits of the course? Every element of the course has been fantastic. The highlights have been meeting new people and having the time to really think about myself and what I want from my life. Both the staff and the students are extremely supportive, and I’ve made some friends for life.
In particular I’ve enjoyed the role play in the field, where we have learnt some amazing techniques.

How would you have coped on basic training without Evolve? It would have been tough, both physically, mentally and emotionally. I would not have been as ready, as mentally prepared, as battle fit and as neat and tidy as I am now!

Choose your superpower: That’s easy. Superfitness!

Anything else? I think on behalf on everyone on my course I’d like to say “Thank you staff for making us stronger”.