There’s a lot to learn about life in the military – and we will give you the heads up on the most important elements before you leave for basic training.

This includes:

  • The core values of the British Armed Forces, what it means to live by a code and how this relates to life on civvy street. 
  • Support with job applications from local careers centres and our qualified staff, who’ll help guide you through your application to the armed forces, helping you avoid making some of the most common basic errors with online submissions.
  • Learn what effective communication means in the military, from face to face to radio communications and from using hand signals to communicating saliently.
  • Learn the qualities of an effective military leader and how the rank structure works. Develop and practise your leadership skills through a variety of roles and activities on the programme.
  • Develop and refine your teamworking skills, learning how to keep your team motivated under pressure whilst developing your problem-solving skills and your creative thinking.
  • Learn how to maintain your uniform and equipment and become proficient at washing, ironing and folding your kit correctly.

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“Military Standard Training is really helpful for the military life. The staff go beyond what is needed to ensure we have a good time, I personally think it is the best choice in my life.”

Thomas H