Getting yourself in peak physical condition is an essential element to being accepted in to the armed forces.

And to make the grade we’re not just talking gym fit – we’re talking battle fit. During our intensive daily sessions, you’ll participate in a training programme unlike anything you’ve done before. We won’t pretend it won’t be tough – but we will promise that you’ll leave us at the very top of your game.

Our extensive range of activities will include:

Regular gym sessions which are the foundation, helping you develop the co-ordination and discipline to achieve your goals and testing your fitness against military standards to keep you on track. You’ll also get the chance to take part in team sports – fantastic for getting to know your fellow students.

Fireman’s lifts, cradle carries, two-person lifts and stretcher runs are all everyday activities – and require super strength. We’ll build you up to carry various weights under different conditions, including your team mates. Weighted hill walks and endurance runs will help build stamina in your legs and develop your cardiovascular capacity, preparing you for the basic entry tests of a 2 kilometre run for the Army, and 1.5 mile run for the Navy and Royal Airforce – or the 3 mile run for Royal Marines.

Other battle fitness sessions include leopard crawling, section battle drills, pairs fire & manoeuvres and taking on endurance and obstacle courses including the Army’s Steeplechase and the Royal Marines’ Bottom Field and endurance course.

We’ll train you to complete all of these essential tasks not only in a safe manner but with a smile on your face too.

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“This course has greatly helped me improve my physique and I am enjoying my time here.”

Jade P