Our programme takes a collaborative approach, working in conjunction with parents and teachers to improve the overall outcome for our students. We do this through instilling the values and standards of the Armed Forces, consistently and fully.

This directly adheres to OFSTEADS Behaviour Criteria and inspires our young people to achieve and develop transferable skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.

We offer a variety of options to best suit individual learners, starting from a single learner for one day per week for one term, to multiple learners on full time programmes (four days per week/24 Guided Learning Hours), including English and Maths qualifications for entire academic year. Whatever your need, we have a solution.


We aim to enable our learners to improve their academic achievements as well as being make a positive contribution to society. We do this through focussing on attendance and punctuality, as well as realigning behaviours.

A study by Swansea University into four current trial “military ethos” projects in schools serving 57 pupils found there was a marked rise in the number of students with improved academic achievement, including 56% with improved maths grades, 46% with improved reading grades and 70% with improved writing grades.

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“This course has helped me improve my fitness so I’ll be able to get in the forces.”

Brandon T