There’s a saying that one opportunity used wisely can change your life dramatically. Making a decision about ’what do with your life’ might feel like you’re standing at a crossroads unsure of which direction to take. And it’s natural to feel a certain amount of pressure to get it right. When you’re wondering “which career am I most suited to?” it’s best to think about:

a) what you’re good at,
b) what the world needs, and
c) what you enjoy doing.

The overlap between those three areas will help to guide your decision-making. And if you’re reading this blog, it’s highly likely you’re already thinking about a career in the armed forces!
At Bury based Evolve Military College, we specialise in preparing young people for a life in the armed forces. With that that in mind, we’ve put together ‘a list of reasons’ why this is an opportunity well worth considering:

Family Tradition
It’s often the case that recruits will sign up to join the forces because of a familial association that may even go back generations. Younger soldiers who have grown up with an understanding of military life may well be inspired to make a similar career choice. One infantryman assigned to the same battalion his father served in, described his own experience saying;
“(It) feels like it has a deep meaning; it honestly feels like I was destined to be assigned to this unit.” To be able to follow in a parent’s or grandparent’s footsteps clearly instils a real sense of pride.

Keeping Away from the Wrong Crowd
Are you almost constantly at a loose end? Maybe you’re just hanging around on street corners with the gang but not actually all that sure you fit in – or even if you want to? If you’ve not given much thought to a longer term plan because you’re struggling to find direction, bear in mind that the armed forces can give your life structure and meaning. Even if hanging out with your mates and having a laugh is great now, what about in a year’s time-how exactly do you see your future unfolding? And are you willing to take that first step towards building a fulfilling career?

As Kayden Howarth, one of Evolve Military College’s very first success stories said: “At 16 I was stuck in a dead-end job, unfocussed, unfit and starting to fall in with the wrong crowd. I knew something had to change, and that’s when I discovered EMC. Safe to say, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

A sense of stability
In the forces a sense of stability comes from having a clear purpose which is reinforced by the core values of each respective branch. Military discipline and effectiveness is built on a foundation of obedience to orders and in this way personnel learn how to conduct themselves appropriately. So, ultimately learning to understand individual responsibilities and working towards recognisable goals will help recruits develop personally as well as professionally. The entire system is designed to ensure you will always have support on the journey.

A secure future
The Armed Forces will welcome you, train you and develop you. This does involve making a commitment but in return you’ll get job security and time to take advantage of all that’s on offer, like travel, qualifications, sport, a good income and friends for life.
And you’ll discover strengths you didn’t know you had! What’s more, you’ll acquire a set of transferable skills which are highly sought after both in and out of the forces.

Making your family proud
Sometimes it’s the thought of making their families proud that encourages young people to enlist. Knowing your loved ones are eager to see you succeed in reaching your goals-especially if you’ve already been working hard to turn things around-is a powerful incentive.
The father whose son later followed him into the same battalion clearly summed up those emotions with the following comment; “It’s pretty surreal to know that my son is now a Lethal Warrior, but I couldn’t be prouder as a father to know he is in a great unit.”

Exciting Roles
While it’s true that you will need to learn how to use a gun and be prepared to fight for Queen and country if the call comes, remember, not all roles in the armed forces are combat roles. In fact, there are literally dozens to choose from.
As Monster Recruitment puts it, there are so many different jobs available that you could quite literally do anything. Careers exist for caterers, electricians, tank operators, submariners, IT and finance personnel, doctors, nurses and even vets – the list goes on.
So, as the saying goes, if a window of opportunity appears, why pull down the blinds? Remember, even if the past didn’t turn out like you wanted it to, it doesn’t mean that your future can’t turn out better than you imagined. After all, as former baseball player and Army veteran Carlton Fisk has said, it’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome. That’s what defines your career.